A man is known by the company he keeps” Aesop

Aligning with Serendipity and let your company shine.

Support Serendipity by becoming a sponsor and offer young people a chance to experience working in the arts. Delivering world-class festivals namely Let’s Dance International Frontiers (LDIF) and Black History Month (BHM) supporting and nurturing emerging artists as they take centre stage for the first time. We can offer you a chance to have your logo on the festival brochures, banner on the website, dedicated print during the festivals and in addition to special corporate hospitality events with a national and international programme of events.

There are three levels of sponsorship

  • Produce
  • Promote
  • Participate

So if you want to reach a diverse demographic and attract customer base from one of the youngest cities in the UK make a pledge email info@serendipity-uk.com or call 0116 257 7316

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