Short Film Showcase Screening and Discussion

Dialogue Box, Serendipity, 21 Bowling Green Street

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Join us for a diverse programme of short films exploring dance, storytelling, identity and expression. Through flamenco, street and contemporary dance forms, these short films use dance to express fear, sadness, joy, pride and more. Following the screening, take the opportunity to delve deeper through a discussion of the work.


The Man Who Travelled Nowhere In Time (2019)
A captivating short from dancer-choreographer Kyra Jean Green and director Vincent René-Lortie. Made in collaboration with Montréal-based dance company Trip The Light Fantastic, “The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time” explores the individuality of our perceptions of time and what is ‘real’ through the poetic expression of a man who only exists in the dreams and unconscious minds of others.

SAETA: The Mourning (2016)
Explore Gypsy and Flamenco culture through Flamenco dancing and singing. Through the traditional religious song, the Saeta, sung during Spain’s Holy Week and typically associated with death, the Flamenco movement vocabulary explores grief and longing. Juxtaposing the tradition with the modern, the film plays with the ideas of new ways of seeing and old ways of being with director choreographer and dancer Rosamaría Kostic Cisneros.

PRIDE.forms. (2018)
Celebrating life and every individual of the diverse LGTBQ+ community, PRIDE.forms is a colourful tribute expressed through performance art, dance and fashion. Following six street performers (Mathieu-Philippe Perras, João Antunes, Hamza Elalouani, Mariana Sevila-Matos, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau and Oirana Moraes), the observer embarks on a festive journey of self-expression and freedom of identity. Sharing an intimate perspective within the in situ performance, the spectator becomes a witness of a hypnotic ambulatory experience created by director Alex Côté.

EXILE (2017)
EXILE is not a time. It’s not a place. It’s an experience. Sylvia Borges’s experimental short film, starring dancers Freddy Houndekindo and Linda Onwuegbuzie, explores the trauma of getting lost in an unfamiliar world.

HOME (2019)
“When I moved to the city (Dar es Salaam) I didn’t have a place to stay, I joined different gang groups specializing in snatching and stealing vehicles parts for a living. I would have been dead by now but Art saved me”. HOME is a film based on a true story, directed, shot and edited by Frank Papushka, with dance artist Samwel Japhet.

Midnight Bloom (2017)

At the intersection between fashion and dance, Midnight Bloom delivers a compelling visual composition that flows between light and darkness, depicting female resilience. Directed by Derryck Menere.

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