Serendipity Podcast Launch


Serendipity launch their new podcast, exploring the issues, stories and people behind LDIF.

From emerging artists to legendary figures, this podcast gives voice to the African and Caribbean Diaspora. In each episode, Pawlet Brookes, CEO and Artistic Director of Serendipity, speaks to pioneering Black dancers, artists, choreographers, activists, academics and leaders within the arts and heritage sector.

This event is part of Alternative LDIF, a digital festival of international dance.

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Listen to Episode Two – Being a Black British Flamenco Dancer with Yinka Esi Graves now.

Yinka Esi Graves is a Black British Flamenco dancer living and working in Seville. In one sense, Yinka brings the influences of the African diaspora to Spain and Flamenco, but in another, she is accessing an influence and connection that already exists. In this episode, we discuss the hidden African history in Flamenco and Yinka’s new work, The Disappearing Act,  which investigates questions of visibility and presence.

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Listen to Episode One – Codifying Black Dance with Thomas Prestø now.

Thomas Prestø is a choreographer, the founder and artistic director of Tabanka Dance Ensemble in Oslo, Norway, and the creator of Talawa Technique. Talawa Technique is a method of codifying African Caribbean dance styles. In this episode, Pawlet Brookes speaks to Thomas about his groundbreaking work in notation around Black dance and the challenges and successes of Tabanka Dance Ensemble.

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Listen to the full series trailer:

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LDIF Programme

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On a pink background we see the silhouettes of five dancers. Overlaid are the words Festival Pass.

Alternative LDIF20 Festival Pass

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On a black background, dancer Kyle Abraham is looking up, balanced on one leg, his other leg extended behind him. His arms are held out to the side

Alternative LDIF20 Launch

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On a black background, next to the words Black Men in Dance, Masculinity in Motion in white, choreographer and artist Ivan Blackstock is mid-movement, with his arms crossed covering his face

Black Men in Dance: Masculinity in Motion

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Dance Dialogues: Kyle Abraham

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Dance Dialogues: S. Ama Wray

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LDIF20 Short Film Showcase

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Dance Dialogues: Gladys M Francis

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Dancer Alice Sheppard, balances on her hands, arms straight, and on a pair of silver crutches, lifting her lower body and wheelchair high. Alice's head is tucked and her short curly hair peaks out from behind her strong arms. She is wearing a shimmery gold bodysuit. She is set against a black background and light reflects off her costume, chair, and crutches. Photo by Mengwen Cao.

Alice Sheppard: Where Good Souls Fear

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Dance Dialogues: Thomas Prestø

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Dance Dialogues: Nora Chipaumire

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Dance Dialogues: Chester Morrison

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Dancer Yinka Esi Graves is in mid-movement, with her head down and arms covering her face

Yinka Esi Graves: The Disappearing Act (Work in Progress Shorts)

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Dance Dialogues: Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

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Dance Dialogues: Ronald K Brown

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Dance Dialogues: L’Antoinette Stines

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Dance Dialogues: Joan Myers Brown

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30 Seconds of Freedom

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