People Dancing Summer School: Talawa Technique with Thomas Prestø

De Montfort University, Leicester

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As part of People Dancing’s Summer School programme, we are pleased to present a one-day workshop led by Thomas Prestø, exploring the Talawa Technique™.

This one-day course has been devised to introduce Talawa Technique™. Talawa Technique™ is a fully codified and examinable technique for Africanistic movement and aesthetics. The course provides an insight for anyone wishing to engage with dance practices from the African and African Caribbean Diaspora.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:
• Understand the context of Talawa Technique™ as movement vocabulary and its Africanist dance heritage, seamlessly merging ancestral movements, historical and culturally contextualized vocabulary with contemporary African and Diaspora movement and sensibilities
• Recognise and be guided through unique use of rhythmic structures found in Talawa Technique™; grounding and traditional Africanistic movement qualities like trembling, shaking, undulating, pulsating, multiple isolations and polyrhythmic articulations
• Identify a clear distinction between aesthetical and technical choices, allowing the dancer to have full ownership of their body’s natural bends and curves
• Understand and begin to break down some of the mental and cultural barriers that might exist in dance practice, and begin free movement, using knowledge and culture as a liberating tool. Building confidence as a performer and embracing their own identity and the multiple identities of Africanistic movement.

Participation requirements:
The main objective of the technique is control, and is therefore not restricted to a specific dance style, genre, ethnicity or discipline. Some prior dance experience is recommended; however, no prior experience in Talawa Technique™ or African and African Caribbean dance practice is required before attending the course.