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Three Day £170
Four Day (including performance day) £195
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LDIF+ offers a unique opportunity to work with three esteemed choreographers and gain insight into three distinct techniques rooted in the African and African Caribbean Diaspora, whilst presenting innovative contemporary aesthetics.

Participants will work with Thomas Prestø (Norway), Lena Blou (Guadeloupe) and Makeda Thomas (Trinidad/USA) over three days, receiving a thorough introduction to each choreographer and their technique, with the course culminating in a performance opportunity for participants to showcase their work.

The LDIF+ workshop series provides a fantastic opportunity for continued professional development for dancers.

Thomas Prestø is the founder of Tabanka Dance Ensemble and the creator of the Talawa Technique. Prestø’s work seamlessly merges ancestral movements, culturally contextualised vocabulary and contemporary movement sensibilities. It bridges the gap between urban freestyling, traditions and contemporary dance, whilst making a clear distinction between aesthetic and technical choices. Pretsø is intimate with indigenous Caribbean and African spiritual practices in Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba and Nigeria, respectively. He therefore pulls strongly from these practices both in his theoretical, practical and artistic approaches.

Lena Blou is a choreographer who codified gwo ka dance with a method she calls techni’ka, a modern technique that has been implemented in various mainstream dance schools and international performances across the globe.

Makeda Thomas is a dancer, choreographer, artistic director, writer and curator. She has performed with internationally recognised companies including Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, Urban Bush Women and Rennie Harris/ Puremovement. She has also won numerous awards for her choreography and as a multi-disciplinary solo artist. Thomas is the Founding Director of the Trinidad-based Dance & Performance Institute and a Founding Board Member of the Collegium for African Diasporic Dance.


Image: Lena Blou

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