LDIF+ Continued Professional Development

Curve, Leicester
£50 | £70 Per Day

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LDIF+ will focus on Black British presence ahead of the LDIF19 programme Black Dance: A Contemporary Voice. The course features three Black British choreographers in a series of intensive day long sessions, exploring the integration of African and African Caribbean dance and perspectives with contemporary choreography to create new innovative aesthetics in Black British Dance.

12pm-5pm | 5 February 2019 – Kenrick Sandy, Boy Blue Entertainment

Gain an insight into urban, commercial and hip hop theatre from innovative choreographer Kenrick Sandy. Boy Blue’s work Emancipation of Expressionism is the first hip hop dance theatre piece to be included on the GCSE dance syllabus

10am-5pm | 6 February 2019 – Sharon Watson, Phoenix Dance Theatre

Work alongside the artistic director of one of the UK’s longest running contemporary dance companies. Sharon will provide an insight into the processes that inform her work, she was recently awarded a National Windrush Star Award for her choreography Windrush: Movement of the People.

12pm-5pm | 7 February 2019 – Vicki Igbokwe, Uchenna Dance

Explore Vicki’s signature blending of club styles, house, waacking and vogue with African and contemporary dance. A unique ethos that explores work that is both entertaining and empowering.