BHM 2018 Launch: Nora Chipaumire presents #PUNK *N!GGA

2 Queens, 2 Queen St, Leicester LE1 1QW
£16/ £12 Concession

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#PUNK and *N!GGA are inspired by two contrasting sonic ideologies: punk and Congolese rumba, which are confronted and celebrated through the music of artists such as Patti Smith and Rit Nzele. The performances aim to discover more democratic ways to share music and personal history, and find a common ground.

#PUNK: Patti Smith is a myth-making American star, and has captured the world’s imagination with her top-chart records, her writing, her particular manner of dress and her ability to persist in being relevant. #PUNK riffs off an iconic Patti Smith lyric (“I am a rock and roll nigga”), and offers a punk perspective on the future.

*N!gga: this provocatively titled session addresses Nora’s own appreciation of African aesthetics and Africanisms through a study of Congolese rumba music. Congolese rumba is an African reading of Cuban rumba, and it is the pride and joy of African music. Nora explores the work of Rit Nzele, a phenomenal atalaku (meaning dictation – animation singer- mc). *N!gga is arguably an attitude, a record, a lifestyle, an idea or simply a celebration of African genius and imagination.