BHM Live 2018

RR2, Curve Theatre

BHM Live 2018


BHM Live is an initiative which offers opportunities to Black artists to develop their ideas and showcase their work.  This year BHM Live presents work from six talented artists Theo Godson Oloyade, Elsabet Yonas, Olu Alakija, Maria de Luz Ghoumrassi and Beverley Bennett.


Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade

A dark yet captivating interpretation of the Shakespeare classic K.R.U.M.P Macbeth from pioneering UK krump artist Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade.


Elsabet Yonas

Elsabet Yonas presents ‘What I dont remember’. Five women negotiate their shared experience of growing up with absent fathers.


Olu Alakija

Olu Alakija will present a 15-minute extract from his play Mr Ten per Cent.  Mr Ten per Cent deals with themes including absent fathers, families and working and middle-class tensions.


Maria de Luz Ghoumrassi

Maria de Luz Ghoumrassi solo dance piece A Tree Without Leaves will look at the different stages of women’s fertility journeys.


Beverley Bennett

’Simon Says / Dadda’ is the first preview of an episode in the series of an ongoing project working with BAME women’s groups in workshop settings within the UK, unpicking ideas around relationships, and experiences of patriarchy where the personal and political elide. Bennett will be create a short film of the same name as a work in progress for the BHM Live event.