ArtIncidence – Nu Descendant L’Escalier (Nude Descending A Staircase)

New Walk Museum
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Annabel Guérédrat and Henri Tauliaut present a new version of their piece, Nu Descendant L’Escalier (Nude Descending A Staircase), at LDIF20.

The Martiniquais duo, Guérédrat, a dancer and choreographer, and Tauliaut, a visual artist, have been engaged in a creative partnership since 2015 when they presented the first iteration of the piece. Inspired by the title and controversial side of Marcel Duchamp’s painting Nu Descendant Un Escalier (1912), the pair’s ever-evolving work occupies as space where dance meets visual art.

Through an Afro-Punk lens, the artists have cultivated a hybrid clothing style which sits between carnival and queer (meaning, literally, “bizarre”), both gothic and sexy at the same time. Through visuals and movement, their audacious and transgressive work seeks to create an affirmation of representing oneself as we want to in this world.

Tickets for this performance are strictly limited, early booking is advised.

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