Alice Sheppard: Where Good Souls Fear


This is a unique insight into the development of this work, ahead of the performance in LDIF21.

Award-winning choreographer, Alice Sheppard, creates movement that challenges conventional understandings of disabled and dancing bodies. Engaging with disability arts, culture and history, Alice attends to the complex intersections of disability, gender, and race by exploring the societal and cultural significance of difference. Where Good Souls Fear is an investigation of colonial excess, provoking questions about who or what is too much. Ranging from spoken memories of growing up to lyrical floorwork to an explosion of furious movement, Good Souls challenges our notions of propriety for queer, Black, disabled women.

This event is part of Alternative LDIF, a digital festival of international dance. All events will be online and available to view for 24 hours from the listed start time.

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Image credit: Mengwen Cao

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30 Seconds of Freedom

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