BHM 2018

Black History Month (BHM) is held each year in October, with a programme that promotes the history and contribution that African and Caribbean communities have made to Leicester, helping to understand the present through our past. Having been awarded the tenure by Leicester City Council, Serendipity has overseen BHM in Leicester since 2012. Each year our programming centres around a unifying theme.

Seen and Not Heard: Black Women
Black History Month 2018 will launch with the second instalment of Nora Chipaumire’s (Zimbabwe) series of works exploring radical artists and protest art. The 2018 programme will reflect upon representation and free speech, to mark Nelson Mandela’s centenary year, topic is particularly important to communities in Leicester who did much to campaign for Anti-Apartheid. The programme for 2018 will focus on a female to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of Sisters of the Long March touring the UK, and the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of The West Indian Gazette by Claudia Jones. 2018 will also reflect on the African and African Caribbean contribution to the First World War (marking the centenary of the end of the First World War) and the seventieth anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush.


Blackchat is a forum to exchange and progress ideas and plans for issues which directly affect Black Communities. Everyone is invited to be part of the conversation so we can live and work together with more understanding and respect. The aims are to celebrate BME success, value BME contribution and discuss political and social contexts.

Lost Legends

In 2017 Serendipity marked the thirtieth anniversary of Black History Month with an exciting new project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund: Lost Legends. The project aims to celebrate and record the contributions of Leicester’s African and African Caribbean community to the cultural heritage of the UK over the last three decades. Find out more on the Lost Legend pages.