Alumni and Friends

Serendipity Alumni and Friends
Since it’s inception, Serendipity has been dedicated to providing opportunities from practical experiences and real insights into arts administration and practice. Over the years the team have been honoured to be able to work alongside and support many innovative and creative individuals in establishing their careers and who have now gone on to become artists, producers, administrators, teachers…
Through the various opportunities from internships and apprenticeships to placements and volunteers, Serendipity has provided a unique continued professional development experiences, and now wants to continue to maintain strong links with employees, placements, interns, volunteers and artists by introducing ‘Serendipity Alumni and Friends’ to continue to support professionals as they build their careers.

Who is Serendipity’s Alumni and Friends for?
Serendipity Alumni and Friends is specifically tailored to provide opportunities for arts professionals and support them as they move forward in their careers, and is open to patrons, team members, interns, placements, volunteers, artists, and anyone who wants to be part of the Serendipity family.

What does the Serendipity Alumni and Friends offer?
Serendipity Alumni and Friends offers a unique opportunity to be part of a growing network of arts professional and for continued professional development. Being part of Serendipity Alumni and Friends provides you with exclusive access to:

  • ongoing career support
  • news on opportunities and jobs
  • regular newsletter updates
  • special discounted tickets for Serendipity events (including events within Let’s Dance International Frontiers and Black History Month programme)
  • an exclusive programme of events each year, including talks with industry professionals, just for members of Serendipity Alumni and Friends
  • a unique network that gives professional access to international industry leads

How much does is cost?
The Serendipity Alumni and Friends is only £15 per year (subject to review).
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