Lost Legends: 30 Years 30 Voices

Lost Legends: 30 Years and 30 Voices, is an exciting new publication recording the contributions and perspectives of local trailblazers from an African and African-Caribbean perspective as part 30 anniversary celebration of BHM. 30 Years 30 Voices celebrates the impact they have made on the cultural landscape of Leicester.

This publication presents 30 unique voices, who have been involved as community activists or performed at BHM events over the past 30 years. The contributors also reflect upon their experiences and importance of education about Black History and their thoughts for the future of BHM.

Above all, 30 Years: 30 Voices is a celebration of the strength, perseverance and character of the authors and other key participants who were involved with BHM over the last 30 years in Leicester.

Featuring Boston Williams, Brian Simmonds, Carol Leeming, Cheddi Gore, Dianne Van-der-Westhuizen, Donna Jackman, Elvy Morton, Florence Nyahwa,  Freedom Zampaladus, George Cole, Iris Lightfoot, Joe Allen, Louise Katerega, Mellow Baku, Paulo Carnoth, Philip Herbert, Precious Ghartey-Tagoe, Quincy, Robert Lee, Shakha Palmer, Suzanne Overton-Edwards, Victor Richards with an introduction by Mark Sealy and Karen Salt and preface by Pawlet Brookes.