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Invisible Visibility: Diverse Voices within Inclusive Dance

Invisible Visibility: Diverse Voices within Inclusive Dance is the sixth instalment in a series of publications produced by Serendipity exploring hidden perspectives in dance.  Invisible Visibility discusses the key barriers that marginalise disabled artists from taking centre stage and looks at examples of good practice through three key case studies.  This publication puts forward an…

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Identity and Choreographic Practice

The fifth instalment of a series of publication produced by Serendipity. Identity and Choreographic Practice examines how culture and training influence choreographic vocabulary, and also touch upon how identity is revealed in practice. Leading practitioners and researchers explore topics ranging from the challenges and triumphs faced by Black dancers when attempting to break the glass…


Lost Legends: 30 Years 30 Voices

Lost Legends: 30 Years 30 Voices, is an exciting new publication recording the contributions and perspectives of local trailblazers from an African and African-Caribbean perspective as part 30 anniversary celebration of BHM. 30 Years 30 Voices celebrates the impact they have made on the cultural landscape of Leicester. This publication presents 30 unique voices, who have…

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Black Women in Dance: Stepping Out of the Barriers

From early trailblazers to contemporary ground breakers, Black Women in Dance: Stepping Out of the Barriers, is an exciting publication celebrating and exploring the impact that Black women have made on the international dance ecology. This publication explores topics from the need for institutions and infrastructure to support work from African and African-Caribbean artists, and…


Creolizing Dance in a Global Age

Creolizing Dance in a Global Age brings together key voices for a discourse on the complex relationships between ‘Creolization’ and dance, especially those embodied within the dynamics of Caribbean. This publication provides a perspective on a new area of research with contributions from L’Antoinette Stines, Artistic Director of L’Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force; Patrick…


Blurring Boundaries: Urban Street Meets Contemporary Dance

Blurring Boundaries: Urban Street meets Contemporary Dance is an exciting new publication exploring the origins, developments and collaborations that have shaped street dance, and how this has lead to the multiplicity of current dance styles. The publication features the voices of leading dance practitioners and university based researchers reflecting the diversity embodied within these genres.…


Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance

Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance explores the seldom told history of Black Dance in the UK. It features contributions from leading professionals, researchers and dancers, including; Dr Patrick Acogny, David Bryan, Hilary S Carty, Keisha Grant, Jackie Guy MBE, Sue Harrison, Namron, Henri Oguike, Lee Payne, Dr Bob Ramdhanie, Dwayne Simms, Kenneth…


Soul Casings

Acclaimed choreographer L’Antoinette Osunide Stines and creator of the first Anglo Caribbean dance training procedure called L’Antech, introduces the philosophies underpinning the creation of the technique. L’Antech is constructed to train dancers by recognising and remembering the Caribbean’s integral ancestral lineages from European, Asian and predominantly African. A contemporary dance in Patois, L’Antech is a…

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Black Shopper Dance Bag

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