Developing Your Choreographic Voice 3

Campus Centre Dance Studio 2.13/2.14
£175/Early Bird £160 includes ticket to performance on Wednesday 28 February

* Early Bird Available until Thursday 30 November

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This unique professional development experience will give participants the chance to see and develop new skills and be inspired by great dance practice presented by renowned artist Cameron McKinney.

The two – day course will look at contemporary, hip hop and floorwork that combines the grace of modern with the speed and fluidity of street dance, capoeira, and house dance.

Course content will include:

  • How to move from smoothly high to low to high again
  • How to rediscover “the down” through floorwork
  • Shifting the focus from an internal dialogue to creating movement that, in its own physicality, can tell a story by itself,
  • The cathartic potential of sweat and exhaustion, while offering a new and active method of expression
  • Value of reflection and appreciation of the creative process