Developing Your Choreographic Voice 2

PACE 3, De Monfort University

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Led by Catherine Dénécy and Dr Sheron Wray accompanied by Cosimo Keita Cadore

This unique professional development experience gives participants the chance to develop new skills and be inspired by great dance practice presented by renowned artists and leaders in the field.

The four-day course combines the contrasting skills and expertise of two highly experienced teachers in the field of choreography: Catherine Dénécy and Dr Sheron Wray, accompanied by Cosimo Keita Cadore.

Catherine Dénécy will help you find and define your improvisation practice, as it is a tool to honour and develop the performer and choreographer within you.

You will be given tools to allow your improvisation to become a process that allows you to discover your true identity as a dancer, to find back your original joy and passion for dancing, to dance from a visceral place instead of a cerebral one and to root your dance to the music. Your improvisation can therefore become a celebration of your dancing body in the present moment and jump-start your true choreographic voice.

Another important aspect of the course is the development of your dramatic body. Her training and career as an actress has allowed Catherine Dénécy to improve and define her skills as a dancer. She will share with you the tools for reinforcing your intentions, using your emotions and clarifying your story telling. This course will be a reset that will help you tap into the choreographer and artist within you. You will start the process towards finding your voice which is unique and genuine.

Dr Sheron Wray, accompanied by Cosimo Keita Cadore will look at Embodiology® which is an African Disapora improvisation-as-performance praxis, with Ewe and Yorùbá aesthetics significantly informing its principles and philosophy. At the core of the practice, networked by Dynamic Rhythm, which is the Embodiology® meta-generating aesthetic principles informing communication between dancers, musicians and the audience, there is a flow between various modes of awareness that intertwine to create a particular neo-African improvisation aesthetic.

In the course of this workshop dancers will develop: detailed and granular levels of perception enabling them to access and experience higher levels of creativity; greater confidence in performance; and develop essential improvisation skills no matter what your base line technique – hip hop, jazz, modern, flamenco, ballet etc etc.  You will learn where and when your most advanced dance techniques are hindering your capacities to innovate, and critically Embodiology® will bring joy into your dancing.

The course is open to anyone with an interest in creating and developing.

Course content will include:

  • The dancer within you – exploring your own and others’ passion for dance as the basis for choreography
  • Working with dancing bodies: celebrating their differences and the inspiration that can be drawn from them
  • Skills building – tool-kit staples, including relationships, space awareness, and dynamic, action
  • Sources to inspire choreographic development in relation to a groups’ needs, skills and aims
  • Realising the potential of the individual and the group in varying settings and contexts
  • Choreographic and leadership styles – cultivating an environment of ownership and creativity
  • Creative task exploration
  • Value of reflection and appreciation of the creative process
  • Develop new skills that can enhance your choreography tool box
  • Learn how to improvise as a coherent group of dancers
  • Create instant and masterful ‘improvography’
  • Develop a dancing mind and thinking body
  • Undo working bi-modally
  • Create visually poetry

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